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Meet our senior management team and learn more about what we offer. Working as a closely knitted team. We all share the same goal - to provide you with the best products and the best services. And most importantly - we are all passionate about what we do.

Chess Group

Chess Group CEO David Pollock
David Pollock
Managing Director Stephen Dracup
Andy Green
Director Richard Btesh
Richard Btesh
Non-Executive Director David Mason
David Mason
Finance Director Mark Lightfoot
Mark Lightfoot
Group Sales Director Warren Pryer
Warren Pryer
Customer Service Director Andrew Green
Andrew Green - Customer Service Director
Head of Marketing Alan Taylor
Alan Taylor
Head of Business Systems Iain Law
Alan Taylor
Head of HR and Compliance Anne Binnie
Anne Binnie
Head of Service Support Emma Stott
Alan Taylor


Managing Director Arvind Meghani
Arvind Meghani
Sales ManagerYasin Qadir
Account Manager Christopher Symons
Richard Btesh


Founding Director Roger Collins
Roger Collins
Managing Director Jonathan Rowley
Johnathan Rowley


Managing Director Martin Bacon
Martin Bacon
Customer Services Manager Danni Purdon
Danni Purdon
Senior Account Manager Dave Barnard
Dave Barnard
Head of Technology Carl Green
Carl Green

Partner Services

Sales Director John Pett
Head of Operations Adrienne Watt
Adrienne Watt
Finance Director Brian Korel
Brian Korel