Leased Lines

Leased lines are ideal for businesses 
that need a high capacity, reliable 
internet connection

We have huge purchasing power with every major UK network. This allows us to secure the very best price available in your area whatever your connectivity requirements.

Contact us to speak to one of our data experts who will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quotation for your connectivity requirement.

Leased Lines
Our leased lines offer a dedicated and unrestricted internet 
connection permanently available for your exclusive use.
  • Guaranteed consistent speed with 1:1 contention
  • Up to 20Gb upload and download speed 
  • Improved security as leased lines have a private connection 
  • Great reliability
  • Faster download and upload speeds than ADSL
  • Rapid install times
  • Cost effective 
From £300 per month

If you are after an unrestricted, super-fast broadband connection then a leased line service is a viable option. A leased line differs from standard business broadband thanks to it’s 1 to 1 contention ratio, secure private connection and upload and download speeds of up to 20GB.

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