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Business Numbers from Chess

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Non-Geographic Numbers for your Business from Chess

Our Intelligent Numbers give your business an easy to remember contact number, for a strong national presence. This is a great help when creating marketing materials, as it allows you to pursue focused campaigns without needing to change your number from one region to another.

Chess’ reporting tools allow you to make the most of your marketing initiatives, while routing plans ensure your customers get great service, whenever they call you.

Depending on the non-geographic phone numbers you want and the area you’re based in, we have various packages to suit, at low prices. We can even give you add-ons to maximise your telecoms budget, including Call Queuing and Greeting Message options; this will enhance your customers’ experience with you, and present your business as a well-organised machine.

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  0800 / 0808 Local/London Number 03 0844 0845 0871
Monthly Rental £5 £5 / £5 £5 £5 £5 £5
Divert to Landline
(pence p/min)
2.9p £2.9p / 2.9p 4p FREE
in fact you receive a
2 pence p/min rebate
Divert to Mobile
(pence p/min)
8p 16p / 16p 8p 8p 8p 8p
Set Up Fee £5 £5 / £15 £5 £5 £5 £5
Add 1 of our Great features for just £5:
Call Whisper Making sure you always answer with your business name the call whisper feature will play a short message that only you will hear to let you know which number your customer has dialled.
Time Of Day Routing Divert your calls to your mobile or other offices depending on your opening hours- essential to provide 24/7 services.
Divert Calls on Busy or No Answer Never miss a call again with the Divert feature on your business number
Fax To Email Service Environmentally friendly our fax to email cuts print cost too! Diverting your faxes to your email ensures access wherever you may be.
Greeting Message Greet your customers in a consistent and professional manner every time you receive a call.
Online Call Statistics Monitor your calls and view trends in your marketing campaigns with this very useful feature.
'Press 1 for sales' service Route your calls to specific departments or just give your company a larger feel, this feature will enhance your customer experience.
Call Queuing Ensure you don't lose customers just because your phone is engaged. Our queuing service will stack up to 50 calls trying to get through to you.
Voicemail Personalised messaging service  with all of your messages sent to your email inbox.
Call Recording (inbound calls) Record a call on demand and get the recording sent to your email inbox- a must for training new staff!