Business Line 

Our business lines and call packages 
offer great value and award winning 

Switching to Chess is easy, our range of business lines and calls packages ensure you always recieve the most competitive rates available, coupled with award winning service and support.

Save up to 35% on line rental and 87% on call charges compared to BT.
Business Phone Line
Our business phone line offers great value and award winning service
  • 24/7 UK Support 
  • Capped and flat rate call tariff options
  • Keep your existing number 
  • Online billing
From £3.95 per month
Business Saver Option 1
Business line with 500 free minutes per month giving you consistent costs and great savings
  • Predictable cost 
  • 24/7 UK Support 
  • FREE minutes 
  • Upgrade to include broadband 
From £13.72 per month
Business Saver Option 2
Our best value package comes with a business line, 500 free minutes and broadband 
  • Predictable cost 
  • 24/7 UK Support
  • 24Mb Broadband 
  • Upgrade to unlimited free calls 
From £20.71 per month
Thinking Of Switching?
Switching is easier than you think
  • Seemless transfers 
  • 24/7 UK Support 
  • Hassle free transfer 
  • Great value call plans
Need More Lines?
Our ISDN2 and ISDN30 services offer high performance, cost effective, voice and data services
  • Low rental and call costs
  • Easily scalable
  • DR options
  • 24/7 UK Support
Calling Features
Manage and organise your calls more efficiently
  • Call Waiting 
  • Call minder
  • Ring back 
  • Call Diversion
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Award Recognition

'Institute of Customer Service 'Quality Provider of the Year' award 2011

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