Never Beaten on Price Guarantee

Never Beaten on Price Guarantee


Our Promise To You

All of our customers are protected by our Never Beaten on Price guarantee. If you receive what seems like a lower price please call us immediately.

We’ll review the offer and if it truly is a better deal (which is very unlikely!) we’ll beat it! If necessary we’ll even create a special tariff for you. This promise ensures you’ll always get the best possible price.

Contact our Never Beaten on Price team on 0844 770 6060

Your Quote

For an NBOP review to be successful the customer MUST provide a quote on letter headed paper (Ideally PDF) from the proposed new provider.

New Customers

For those of you that are new customers please see the NBOP guidelines below.


Business Broadband


Lines & Calls Bundles


Superfast Broadband


NBOP guidelines

  • NBOP refers to an account review
  • Account reviews not accepted within first 12 months of becoming a new Chess customer
  • Written proof of one alternative offer must be supplied
  • Comparison must be like for like on all products and services
  • Limited to one review in a 12 month period. No counter offers can be accepted
  • Comparisons which include credits, discounts or promotional offers will be accepted at Chess’ discretion
  • NBOP is subject to a new minimum 2 year deal
  • Chess reserve the right in unusual circumstances to not reduce the price, but release customer from their contract
  • Does not apply to comparisons for residential packages, leased lines, wide area networking products or mobile phones
  • All NBOP quotations are valid for 30 days only